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Petroleum and Natural Gas

M Chemical Company, Inc. Thermoplastics and Thermosets

M Chemical Company, Inc. has been a supplier of catalysts, adsorbents, gas odorants, and chemicals to the global oil and gas industry since 1966.

Our numerous stocking locations throughout the world give our valued customers ready access to our highly regarded product lines. DURAMAX™ Catalyst Support Balls and High Void Topping, DRYAMAX™ Molecular Sieves, ACTIMAX™ Activated Alumina's as well as our LPG & Natural Gas Odorants and other catalysts products are used by the world's largest Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Gas Processing complexes, Syngas, Ammonia Plants, Natural Gas Midstream and Pipeline companies, as well as industrial plants in various industries.

M Chemical Company is an ISO-9001 certified supplier and our brands undergo rigorous Quality Control testing to make sure they meet the same specifications with every production batch.

Every M Chemical Company product comes with a high level of technical support, technical and value added services, and product performance.

Chemical Company has stocking warehouses throughout the world with the ability of providing every customer with local, cost effective, high performance supply.


M Chemical Company, Inc. Thermoplastics and Thermosets

M Chemical's Plastics and CASE Division supplies specialty chemicals and additives to formulators, producers, and manufacturers.
M Chemical understands that the industries we serve are both fast changing and competitive.
We are the leaders in additive technology as our FLAME RETARDANTS, UV STABILIZERS, ANTIOXIDANTS, MOLECULAR SIEVES, CURATIVES, DYES, and PIGMENTS are used throughout the world. Our robust Q.C. programs deliver consistent quality so you can feel secure when using our products.
All of these products are stocked locally in our many locations and come technically supported by experts with decades of experience.
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